T.V. Guidance

"Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up in Your Dream"
Reviewed by Gershom S.

My editor had assigned me to use my remote for scanning the T.V. with the hopes of viewing a new program to bring to the attention of our readers. The word "remote" guided me. Why not use the remotest channels?

At twelve noon, Sunday I discovered BCAT, a public access station on Channel 68. Here I found "Wise Woman Way," a completely relaxing program, like reading an interesting book that you cannot put down. Filled with positive affirmations, honest commentary and a meditation that encompasses truly getting in touch with your feelings.

As for the "icing on the cake," this program is immediately followed by "Wake Up In Your Dream." Rita & Sutton address that "we create our own reality" and share how to apply the concept in day-to-day life.

I recommend our readers visit their Public Access Channels to enjoy a delightful spiritual experience with "Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up In Your Dream."