Rita & Sutton:
"Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up in Your Dream"

by David Freeland

Rita & Sutton inspire hundreds of New York-area cable viewers each week through "Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up in Your Dream," two special programs that offer spiritual guidance, positive affirmations, healing energy, and stimulating teachings for those seeking to bring harmony and love into their own lives and the world around them.

With her benevolent presence and soothing voice, Rita (channeling the entity Glori Bea) is the perfect host for "Wise Woman Way," a show that features affirmations, theoretical discussions, and guided meditations. The key element of Rita's philosophy is that we create our own reality— in other words, our experience of the world is shaped by the core beliefs we hold about ourselves. If these beliefs are detrimental to our well-being, they appear in our lives as a series of frustrating or troublesome events. Rita's lectures and meditations allow us to identify and "process" these recurring issues so that we can attain the happiness and fulfillment that is rightfully ours. Rita's approach is assured but never threatening—when she speaks, you know that you are listening to a good friend.

"Wise Woman Way" is also notable for its high technical standards: affirmations are projected onto the screen, lovely images (sometimes two or more) are superimposed while Rita works on the guided meditation, and Sutton (working behind the camera) provides a nice variety of camera angles. The same strong production values are also evident on "Wake Up in Your Dream," a talk show that features illuminating discussion and interesting guests. Often, Rita & Sutton use experiences in their personal lives to illustrate the principles of their teachings. In several episodes, for example, they discuss their daughter, Hart, and speak about how they have learned to release the expectations they hold of the traditional parent/child relationship.

In short, "Wise Woman Way" and "Wake Up in Your Dream" are musts for viewers looking for enlightenment in their week and guidance on the path to finding their higher selves. Those who use the shows as a weekly meditation are sure to receive ample spiritual fulfillment.

David Freeland is a freelance writer living in New York City